Episode 6: Ancient Versions (Exod 1:5)

06 Exod 1-5

What the “versions” — the ancient translations — tell us about the Bible.

Click here for the Torah Talk podcast with a link to the Dead Sea Scrolls text of Exod 1:5.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 6: Ancient Versions (Exod 1:5)

  1. Please note that the Rosh (who did not know Greek) already remarked (contra Rashi) that the figure of 70 is an approximation rather than an exact number. In that light, the discrepancy between the MT and the LXX seems less important


  2. Hi, Steve. The point was not that this particular difference was important, but that the versions open a window on the different Hebrew texts that seem to have existed before we settled on MT. This was just an example where there’s a nice DSS pic to demonstrate the point.


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